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Mining and Quarry Painting

Quarries and mines do tough jobs, and they sustain an incredible amount of abuse in the process. From protecting the machinery, they employ to preserving the buildings themselves, natural resource exploitation enterprises face many hurdles to keeping their facilities in working order.?

Finding the right quarry painting contractor could make it easier to stay in business. Whether you’re dealing with harsh environmental conditions or products that take their toll on your hardware, it’s critical to protect the tools that power your progress. At R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc., we specialize in empowering businesses to keep the gears turning with coatings that outlast the toughest obstacles.

Industry-proof Painting Done the Right Way

Repainting a quarry or mine isn’t like painting most businesses. With high-activity commercial facilities, you can’t simply add more paint to cover wear and damage. Instead, you have to start by removing the old layers and assessing the material conditions of the surfaces you’re painting.

It’s equally vital to manage each worksite correctly. From keeping the space clean to applying the proper pretreatments and curing aids, there are countless factors that go into a long-lasting industrial coating.

Our quarry equipment painters never cut corners or skip steps simply because they’re hard. We strive to ensure that you can depend on our results when production kicks into full swing. What’s more, we demand excellence from everyone on our crews, so you can be confident that there won’t be any missed spots or inconsistencies. With help from R.L., you always get a job done flawlessly ? even in the spaces you can’t see.

Stellar Painting Services on Demand

One of the defining characteristics of the natural resource industry is that time matters. Your machinery and personnel only work so fast, and their speed dictates how profitable your enterprise is. Taking the extra time to stop and repaint your facilities isn’t always economically feasible, but this is one type of upkeep you don’t want to skip.

A Quarry Painting Contractor That Adapts to Your Schedule and Needs

Over half a century of serving commercial clients across the U.S., we’ve developed a field-tested painting strategy that gets your facilities to where they need to be without unnecessary stoppages. Our well-honed workflows and experienced crewmembers deliver the perfect solutions for busy enterprises that simply can’t afford to spend weeks retrofitting and improving their facilities.?

We know that you’ve got more to worry about than painting logistics. That’s why we work with you to plan jobs in exhaustive detail.??

Thanks to our experience and foresight, we’re usually able to avoid hitches that would send other painters screeching to a halt. In most cases, we can get jobs wrapped up quickly, we’re also no strangers to working on weekends or during your weekday downtime.

Capable Crews Geared for Maximum Productivity

Want to get your mine painted more rapidly? Our multi-truck teams can divide, conquer and quickly complete any task, and we’re mobile enough to access your facilities no matter how remote they are. Need to recoat surfaces in impossible-to-reach spots? Leveraging the R.L. boom truck fleet is the ideal option for working at heights above 100 feet. Our knowledge of advanced coatings also makes it possible to enhance the material properties of storage tanks and other heavily used assets.

MSHA-trained and OSHA-compliant

Few things delay job progress more than lacking the proper training, knowledge and credentials to do the work correctly. We offer on-demand services that meet or exceed the high standards of quality required of Mine Safety & Health Administration, or MSHA, trained contractors. While other providers can only paint a few limited types of facilities, we have no such limitations. Our MSHA status means that you can count on complete work without having to hire multiple mining equipment painters.?

We’re Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, trained. This credential lets us finish jobs without putting your enterprise at risk of a safety incident. It also makes us qualified to handle vital tasks, such as creating compliant safety markings and applying friction-mitigating coatings. Since your reputation and ability to do continued business both suffer when things go wrong, it pays to have the extra assurance that we bring to the table.

Fully Insured and Vetted Quarry Equipment Painters

Running a mine might be different from operating a retail enterprise, but your stock and assets are no less valuable. Your profitability is on the line, so you rightfully want to control who comes and goes.?

We take immense pride in being the trusted painting partner of numerous mines and quarries across North America. We honor this faith by putting our employees through tough pre-screenings and ongoing professional education programs.?

Our diligent efforts in the HR department ensure that we produce better, more consistent results. They also mean that you can trust every member of our teams to do right by your growing enterprise.?

Why worry about who’s going to be on your site? We make it effortless to accomplish great things without ever having to rely on unknown outside contractors or third parties with sketchy backgrounds.

R.L. Painting is a licensed and insured company. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is, and this means protecting your facilities the same way we’d defend our own. Backing up our extensive training and vetting standards with financial assurances lets us guarantee the quality of our work, and our clients deserve no less. Our experienced crew members have on average over 12-years of experience at our firm.? In addition, our company, top-to-bottom, is subject to random drug testing, an added assurance to our company safety and client expectations.

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R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc. serves a variety of aggregate plants, transport terminals, quarries and mines across the United States. From our Union City OH headquarters, we’ve tackled jobs of every nature, and our packed portfolio represents the results of decades of hard work.

Whether your production and storage facilities demand specialty pigments or protection from the weather, talking to our team is the best solution. Take advantage of our comprehensive coating and substrate knowledge by starting the job planning process today.

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