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Grain Bin Painters

End your search right here if you need a reputable team of seasoned grain bin painters. The farmers of Midwest put their trust in the painting specialists at R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc. Why should you follow their lead? We are licensed, insured and highly experienced with enhancing farm-based structures. We have been painting grain bins and silos since 1960. Because we are committed to helping you protect your investments, we won’t hesitate to take on your project.

One Paint Job and Its Many Capabilities

Painting has enough transformative power to beautify silos and bins that have fallen into ruin. Since all our grain bin painters have mastered this method, we can tell you with certainty that your storage facilities will look their best once we add our finishing touches. However, don’t just think about the instant improvements. Our protective coatings provide a heightened degree of resistance to rust and corrosion. Also, our top-grade paints shield exteriors from harsh and inclement weather, so your silos and grain bins will no longer be defenseless against environmental factors. Therefore, you should think about the excellent savings you will enjoy because of our grain silo painting service. It’s a lot cheaper to hire us than to replace a neglected storage facility. We are confident that you will love our performance.

Competent Grain Bin Painters and Seasoned Silo Painting Contractors

Our experienced crew members have on average over 12-years of experience with our firm and is at your service all year. Why take a chance by entrusting independent or unlicensed workers with the task of meeting your requirements? When you request a painting solution from R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc., you will certainly receive it only from our fully vetted employees.

Three words that describe us:

Careful silo and grain bin painters are able to avoid minor and major issues that will impede the painting process. Since we are eager to make a difference with our paint, we prefer to be meticulous. You will approve of our thorough paint job. There’s no doubt in our minds.

Courteous grain bin and silo painters understand the importance of treating clients like the individuals they are. The entire time we are assisting you, we will be respectful and mindful of your expectations. To help you make the wisest decision, we will gladly give you our best color recommendations.

Proficient silo painting contractors and bin painters know more than just the basics. We know which specialty coatings will give your storage structures the greatest amount of protection against the elements and insects.

We guarantee all our work and your complete satisfaction with our industry leading warranty against rust and paint peeling, with our own line of product we?ve designed and use exclusively for this application; so let us paint your grain bins and silos as soon as possible (ask our salesmen). Our service will lighten your workload by reducing maintenance requirements, and it will ultimately save you from incurring hefty expenses. Newly painted facilities aren’t at risk of corroding; their structural elements will be vibrant and protected for years to come.

How Can We Offer Such a Guarantee?

Lion Paints

Our Industrial Aluminum Acrylic DTM paint is by far the best paint to use on grain facilities. NO priming is needed with this product. It can be used as a primer to rusty areas and then applied as a finish coat to the complete area. This is a latex product so dry time is quick and overspray is dry within 10 to15 ft from where being applied.

The Industrial Aluminum paint is a direct to metal paint with the addition of Aluminum Pigment an added product to help reduce the occurrence from rust coming back through giving it a longer life on the equipment. No other company that we know of can compete with this product.

You can rest assured that no grain silo painting project is too challenging for us to tackle right.

At our full-service company, we have everything we need to paint your structures from top to bottom. We won’t miss one spot. Using our boom trucks, we have the ability to beautify silos that are taller than 100 feet. Expect us to deliver outstanding results that are up to your standards. Difficult environments don’t faze our well-trained employees. We have proven that we can outdo our competitors when it comes to painting structures on farms, industrial sites and factories. We adapt accordingly and fulfill our duties while adhering to stringent safety protocols. This approach enables us to provide clients with a risk-free experience.

All the Reasons You Will Benefit From Hiring Our Large Crew

Meeting deadlines is just as important as ensuring everyone’s safety. That’s why over 90% of our business is from repeat clients. We don’t skimp on our effort under any circumstances. Instead, we show up on time, get straight to work and strive for excellence. Because we are committed to living up to our stellar reputation, our large crew is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Your hectic schedule won’t be an issue. As flexible as we are, we can easily complete your grain silo painting project on weekdays or weekends. It’s your choice. Our main objective is to oblige you in the most convenient manner.

What’s on your site besides silos and grain bins? We prep and paint barns, fertilizer tanks, grain leg setups and many types of metal structures. We focus on producing a final look that will pass inspections.

When we are called to paint storage facilities of any size, this is what we do:

First, we gain a clear understanding of the client’s goals. Whether you are looking to prevent your silo from becoming unsightly or trying to eliminate rust before it causes bigger issues, we will have you covered. Your goals will become ours, so we can assure you that they will be met.

To ensure a smooth painting process, we arrive in our fully loaded trucks. We don’t believe in cutting corners at any point, and we never use second-rate painting equipment. All our materials and tools are top-of-the-line products because we prefer to use the best items on the market to produce the best possible finish.

Lastly, we double-check our work. We use our great attention to detail so that we can find and address the smallest oversight. Therefore, when we tell you the job is done, you can look forward to seeing the flawless results that you want. Nothing is more important than satisfying our valued clients. Call R.L. Painting today or when you need assistance with grain silo painting anywhere in the United States. Your storage facilities require regular attention and care just like your home and business. Letting us paint them will pay dividends, so you won’t regret your decision.

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