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Asphalt Plant Painting

Asphalt plant painting is a job for the industrial painters at R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc. We have been saving plants and machinery from rust and corrosion since 1960. If you put our results-oriented services to good use, we are positive that you will be just as happy as our long-standing clients are. We serve the United States with an excellent track record for quality.

For us, transforming the appearance of industrial structures isn’t challenging. We rely on our extensive experience, thorough sandblasting method and fast-drying systems.

We use top-of-the-line high temperature paint because it’s proven to work wonders for asphalt plants. To eliminate the possibility of setbacks or complications, we remain meticulous and methodical until we successfully complete the paint job. That’s why we don’t disappoint. Our painters are going to move swiftly when they come to improve your plant’s appearance. The faster we apply the most suitable coating, the less you will have to worry about extreme temperatures causing serious damage. High temperature paint leaves behind a tough film that offers great resistance to heat and corrosion.

Expedited Painting Process and Reduced Downtime

We understand the importance of being punctual, so our industrial painters will show up when expected. Although we can’t ensure zero downtime, you can anticipate resuming normal operations within days. We expedite the asphalt plant painting process without cutting corners. Once we conclude your project, your valuable asset will look new again. It will also have a reliable layer of protection because our paint creates a barrier that resists destructive contaminants. Furthermore, our specialty coatings produce a long-lasting finish, so you can rest assured that your plant will reflect your high standards.

Advantages of Working With Our Licensed and Insured Painters

Here at R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc., there are no unlicensed workers. Our production crews are our employees.? We never use sub-contractors and our experienced crew members have on average over 12-years of experience at our firm.? In addition, our company, top-to-bottom, is subject to random drug testing, an added assurance to our company safety and client expectations. We are true professionals, and our ability to fulfill clients’ requests is undeniable. What’s more important than achieving your complete satisfaction? Our answer is simple: Earning your trust is a priority because we want the privilege of tackling all your projects that involve asphalt plant painting.

These three words should eliminate any doubts or uncertainties:

Our obliging workers won’t put you through any hassles. We are on a mission to establish a long-term relationship with you.

Our mobile painters will travel farther than the average contractor to undertake a client’s project. Also, at this full-service painting company, we go the extra mile to meet all expectations. Executing your vision by adhering to your specifications is the key.


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Our knowledgeable painting crews are familiar with the latest painting tools for industrial buildings. They even use the best equipment and techniques to paint with precision. Our boom trucks allow us to take care of structures that stand taller than 100 feet. Why outsource painting jobs when we are proficient and trained to do them all? Instead of one or two independent contractors, we can send over large crews of painters to your site. Each one will come from our reputable company.

It’s not hard to understand why we are the preferred asphalt plant painting company with over 90% of our business is from repeat clients. With us, there’s no trade-off between quality and fast turnarounds. Our diligent and seasoned painters strive for excellence. Because we work in tandem every step of the way, we are able to finish projects ahead of deadlines. Given the fact that we underwent advanced training with MSHA and OSHA, you can rest assure we know exactly what we are doing, so no damage will occur.

We never waste our clients’ time or our materials. Getting jobs done with great efficiency will always be at the forefront of our minds.

You are making a wise decision by investing in your plant. Industrial structures suffer a significant amount of general wear and tear, which can cause you to incur costly repairs. It only takes days for environmental factors to corrode parts of your asphalt plant. This unfortunate fact makes high temperature paint indispensable.

?Our budget-friendly painting services are aimed at maintaining and beautifying plants. Since we are only one call away, you can definitely depend on us. We pride ourselves on being reliable painters. Contact R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc. now to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.