Agricultural Painting

Agricultural Building Painting

Farms, ranches, and other agricultural businesses have expanded well beyond the aged look of red barns and white houses. You can find almost any color and material imaginable used to build structures to house equipment, grain, livestock, and humans. R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc. of Union City OH is farm painting contractors specialized in painting all types of agricultural structures throughout the Midwest. We offer exterior structure protection for homes, barns, sheds, metal buildings, silos, and any other agriculture-related building.

Weather-Resistance Boost for Any Agricultural Building

All commercial buildings are subject to the natural elements in their specific location, but agricultural buildings have a slightly rougher experience in riding out tough weather situations. Most are located in isolated areas that offer little protection from high winds, whipping rains, sleet, hail, and snow. The exterior is the only protection available for the people, animals, and equipment housed within the walls. Professional agricultural building painting is another layer of protection you can add and maintain to keep the structures in great shape during all seasons.

Get a Cleaner, Fresh Look for Your Farm, Ranch, or Agricultural Business

Old, dilapidated barns with peeling paint might offer a quaint view for a postcard or painting, but you don’t want your agricultural business looking like it’s on its last legs. Corroded grain silos, metal barns, and workshops can make your property look like it hasn’t been used for decades. R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc. are farm painting contractors that understand the needs of your business and the importance of looking clean and fresh every day. Give your property a positive reason to stand out from the crowd.

Reduce Your Overall Maintenance Cost

Leaving your wood or metal structures unprotected from the elements will make your overall maintenance costs soar in a short amount of years. The wood will begin to rot, and the metal will rust. Our agricultural painting specialists can get your buildings covered and extend the lifetime of every structure you have on the property. Allowing your wood to rot means at some point you are looking at possible roof failure, window failure, door problems, or the main portion of the structure collapsing. Imagine the cost of having to completely replace a large barn from a lack of exterior painting and care.

We Paint Any Type of Building Material

Farm and ranch buildings are made with all types of materials. We offer painting and coating services for metal, wood, concrete, concrete block, stucco, red-iron, and polymer vinyl. We have the right equipment to handle any job. Our boom truck can reach up to 100-feet in the air. We’ve handled everything from animal confinement operations to the smallest working farms and ranches. Choose to invest in the agricultural building painting services of R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc. and you’ll be able to reduce your labor and avoid the stress of painting everything yourself. It’s a sensible solution for long-term property preservation.

We Offer the Professional Advice You Need to Get Lasting Results

Our agricultural building painters understand the challenges of the environment you conduct business and have the knowledge you need regarding use of the right paints and protectants for your buildings. Expert farm building painters know the latest painting techniques and equipment to use to get the lasting results you need. Your property will look better than ever and the great looks will be lasting. Farms, ranches, and other types of agricultural businesses are designed and built for generational use. The property often passes down through family members and you can make sure it’s still in pristine condition 100-years from today by protecting the exterior.

Protect the Buildings You Need to House Equipment, Feed, and Livestock

Farm equipment like hay balers, combines, seeders, fertilizer sprayers, irrigation sprayers, trailers, grain trucks, plows, and other specialized items can run into millions of dollars, depending on the size and type of operation. Livestock can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per head. You need farm building painters that understand the level of protection you need to take care of your assets. We can handle everything from multiple large equipment storage barns to the smallest well-house. Our specialists give every project the same level of detail and care, no matter how large or small.

Safe Products for All Farm Animals

The unique part of many agricultural businesses is the contact made between buildings and all varieties of caretakers and livestock. Many animals like horses, goats, pigs, and cows are pastured right outside the structure they use for sleeping. It’s essential that the paint used is safe and will not harm any of your animals or human caretakers. We’ve been in the business of agricultural building painting for decades and can recommend the safest paints out there providing full, long-lasting coverage. Any we recommend and use will be deemed non-toxic and safe for you, the environment, and any animals you raise. You can feel confident you’ve made the right choice.

We Stand Behind the Professional Services We Offer with Every Project

The experience and qualifications of our farm building painters at R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc. have helped create a long list of satisfied customers over the years. That?s why over 90% of our business is from repeat clients.? We’ve completed projects throughout the Midwest. We are so confident in our services and that you?ll love the results that we stand behind our work the best industry leading warranty. Ask our salesmen about it. It’s nearly unheard of in the industry. Most jobs can be planned and scheduled to be completed within one day. We won’t hamper your operations and be in the way for days on end. Our flexibility allows us to come to you during the week or have it handled on a weekend.

What?s more is our production crew are our employees.? We never use sub-contractors and our experienced crew members have on average over 12-years of experience at our firm.? In addition, our company, top-to-bottom, is subject to random drug testing, an added assurance to our company safety and client expectations.

Paint we Guarantee

Our Oxblood Red can be produced in an acrylic enamel or an acrylic enamel DTM. The acrylic enamel is produced with red oxide pigment and is oil modified which means its good product for wood where no primer is needed so you can apply one coat brushed in and then come back and apply a second coat spray only. The DTM oxblood red is made also with red oxide pigment and the DTM ingredients.

Contact us at R.L. Painting & Mfg., Inc. of Union City OH if you’re in need of farm painting contractors that deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time possible. Talk with one of our painting specialists today and find out how affordable quality painting and surface coating is from experts that know the demands of the agricultural business.

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